Wake Up Laughing

by Music Band



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released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Music Band Nashville, Tennessee


Jon Prine @ PGA ///


Holland Nix @ Anger Management /// hollandnix@gmail.com


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Track Name: Day Stealer
I can be a stranger if I want to
I ain't your partner in crime
But now that I belong to no one
I think I like it just fine

Day stealer
got no light to shine
She's all I ever wanted
if all I ever wanted
was a lie

Everything's on exhibition, baby
You can have whatever you like
There's nothing more that I can show you
Look out baby, here comes the night
But all I ever wanted
was a day stealer

Got no light to shine
She's all I ever wanted
if all I ever wanted
was a day stealer
Track Name: Don't Call Upon Me
Out in my leisure suit
Take a bite of forbidden fruit
It tastes good
You said it's fun to do bad things
And you know I want to do bad things with you

Don't call upon me
In the early morning
If you don't want me
Don't call upon me

So won't you come and live with me
I'll show you how it could be
See it's good
But you just want to mess around
Can't even keep my ear to the ground
It ain't cool
Track Name: Green Lights
It's easy to hide the tears in your eyes when it's raining
I was covered in sunlight
I was beginning to feel like a person again
But now there's a storm cloud
up above my head
It's a sad game to be playing
when you've lost before you start
But there's a right way to do it
We could hit green lights the whole way home

It's easy to find what you want when you're living in hell
Just go on vacation
I can't even taste the honey you put on my tongue
I should've known if I want it
then I might get stung
It's a sad situation
It's a game I don't want to be playing
And the price we end up paying
We could hit green lights the whole way home

Why can't these red lights leave me alone
Track Name: Money
I feel okay
I got some money but I am afraid
cause money makes you lazy
I'm feeling fine
my baby kisses me all of the time
So please, don't take my girl from me

I was hanging ten on a wave of loneliness
I could've died, but I'm alive
How come you give and then you take away
One day I'm gonna walk away
I'm out on the hunt for justice
Ooh, street justice

What'd I do wrong?
I turned around and saw you were gone
You always keep me waiting
I was surprised
There was no flash before my eyes
Just black, it puts a bad taste in my mouth
I was hanging ten on a wave of loneliness
I could've died, but I'm alive
Track Name: Keep Living
There was a dark cloud hanging over Tennessee
Loss has got the drop on me
My body was worthless so I slept in the dirt
But I'm a big strong man so the pain don't hurt

Some two-lane blacktop took my life
Some slick motherfucker came and took my wife
But I come back up, I had to change my game
You get run out of town, you gotta change your name

You picked up a penny
and you gave it to me
Is my luck changing?
I don't know, but can't I believe?

It's something so awful
deep in my mind
But I can't stop thinking
which of my friends will be the next to die?

Loss has got the drop on me
Track Name: 5th Street
A box chevy with a big ass beat
is peeling out, makes a big ass screech
And little kids talking on their phones
They're walking in the middle of the road

Walk to the store, grab a tasty drink
The time alone makes it easy to think
But now my time don't mean nothing to me
If there's a girl that I'm trying to see

Can I sleep through the night?
Ooh, the block is hot
In the heat of July
Ooh, the block is hot
Yes it is, the block is hot

A police car creeping up the street
My middle finger up where they can't see
The beat is hot and the block is too
But we don't worry they're coming for you

My hood is good
My house is good
And green is good
The block is good
Ooh, the block is hot
Track Name: Fortune Guns
Sometimes I get so lonesome
that I just can't speak
Been hiding out of the sunlight for weeks
Sometime I need a reminder
of what I'm doing here
If I close my eyes I might disappear

Because something bad has happened
Something bad has happened to me
Wish I'd wake up laughing
But something bad has happened to me

I thought I found me a woman
She didn't want me around
Been getting pretty good at falling down
Some day I'll be in the kingdom
and shoot my fortune guns
I don't know when but I know that day will come

Because something good is coming
Something good is coming to me
I just woke up humming
Cause something good is coming to me
Track Name: Raag Pt. 1
I know it's cold
My friends are made of gold
Put your hands in my pockets

We go riding
Slippin' and slidin'
Do you love me, baby?

You should try it
Money couldn't buy it
It belongs to nobody

Shut me away
These are my dark days
Don't you come 'round knocking

There goes my sister
I sure do miss her
She will live forever

Same time next year
I will meet you here
Won't you wear your hair down?
Track Name: Raag Pt. 2
I feel funny and I feel strange
I don't know why but something changed
Like a rock inside my shoe
I can't seem to get to you
Don't know what I'm gonna do with you

Tonight I'm gonna change my plans
I was born to be your man
But your heart is like a stone
You just want to be alone
Go your way and I will go my own
Track Name: Scarab Music Pt. 1
Track Name: Scarab Music Pt. 2
What's with today
What's real today
Been doing what I can to keep the darkness away
Cause I can't turn off
I can't turn it off
Been reeling down the road and I don't think I can stop

They might get upset
And if they get upset
They make you smoke all your cigarettes
And if you can't connect
If you can't connect
You get six lashes for disrespect

Mama I know that I ain't gonna die
Too tired to laugh, too high to cry
Go ahead and cross me one more time
I'll show you yours, you show me mine
But this pain in my heart has got my teeth grindin'
Sometimes I feel I need a six-foot hole to climb in
Said goodbye to the things in my life that I just can't fathom
Whatever happened in the past, gotta look past them